Nurse: C. Aton


Caroline Aton, RN, NCSN

Because I care for your children, you may want to know a little about me:

I am a nationally certified school nurse and an RN with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Emory University. I have been working as a nurse since graduating in 1981. I was first a pediatric nurse specializing in burn care and later in the care of kids with cancer. After moving to Georgia, I worked in an open heart ICU that handled both pediatrics and adults and was there for 12 years until our move to Mt. Pleasant. In Mt. Pleasant I worked as a nursing supervisor in an area hospital for a few years and later, in 1996, began my school nurse career thanks to my youngest child. One day, she got into the car after school and informed me that “Daddy hates helping us with our homework”. I immediately parked the car and went into the school to meet the nurse. As it turns out, she was retiring at the end of the year! When I started as a school nurse, there were very few of us and I was assigned to five schools! Thankfully, as the years went by, my assignments were to fewer and fewer schools until finally, just one school! I have been very happy as a school nurse and my kids (now all married) got all the help with their homework that they needed! I look forward to meeting and caring for your children, but I’ll leave homework help to the parents!

Please feel free to email me at or call me in the clinic at 843-883-5954 for any questions or concerns. Thank you!